Saturday, October 11, 2014 Nodejs, express, AngularJS and mongoose is platform build using Nodejs, express and AngularJS. It also used Bootstrap, jQuery and JavaScript for client interaction.

mongodb mongoose is used as a backend for So, it's very scalable.

1. My mail book is committed to deliver e-mail to your future self.
2. Any futue date can be provided strting from current date to 2100.
3. Future mail to your family and friends can be send using My mail book.
4. Future mail will capture all the e-mail till 2100 and send to provided e-mail box in time.
5. My mail book can also be used to send instant e-maill to someone else
6. My mail book works well in mobile devices. Same URL can be used to send future mail in mobile.
7. My mail book will not share your information with anyone

Validations for future date are added using AngularJS in So, if user does not provide future date and time, error message will be shown.

Mail is triggered using nodemailer in font awesome is also used to show different fonts and icons. is responsive website and using Bootstrap framework.